No chance of good education for poor parents’ child: Ranil

Posted on August 13, 2007  /  4 Comments

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe on Friday declared that the future of every child from a working class background was being shattered because of the proposed new Grade 1 admission system for schools. Speaking at a mass rally in Matara organised jointly by the UNP and the SLFP–M, Mr. Wickremesinghe said looking at the circular it seemed that common children had no chance of entering a good school if their parents did not have a high income and were not very educated.

“Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe (Sri Lanka’s last king) destroyed the future of four innocent children. Today, Percy Rajapaksa is trying to destroy the future of an entire generation of children,” he said. Drawing parallels between the present administration and the reign of the Rajasinghes, the Opposition Leader charged that there was no limit to the abductions and killings taking place in this country.

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  1. Ane Ranil gon nambo, before critisising others look at the mess your own party is in. Solve your problems before tring to solve the problems of the nation.

  2. yeah, and what did he do about education (apart fom wanting PRIVATE schools to thrive, making in it worse for poor ppl) when he was in power? nuffin..
    p.s.the high income he states the parents need is to bribe the principals, right? btw, stats that show the literacy in sl are crap too, coz what do they learn? only attendance…..maybe…

  3. I do love this game. Sending Ranil to gallows! The more you do I am thrilled. That is one effective way of protecting the current scoundrels! I am one of them (Husshhh!). Ranil to gallows again and again! Thanks buddies! Burrahhhh!

  4. While endorsing Happy for motherland let me add one more advise for Sinhalaya. Send Ranil to the gallow any number of times you like. But… please remember…. never hang him. You will need him again and again when the scoundrels are in trouble. What an asset? JVP will never do anything that will bring Ranil to power and to lose such an asset, people be out of nuts! Keep the spirits up Sinhalaya, you will have the last laugh!

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