Who’s Who

Educationforum.lk website is coordinated by Sujata Gamage from  its inception in 2005 to Date. She is a Senior Research Fellow at LIRNEAsia.net, but LIRNEAsia is not responsible for views expressed in this forum.

During the 2020-2023, Dr. Tara de Mel joined as a co-coordinator and the forum was semi-formalized with a board of directors comprising of Prof. Angela Little, Ms. Kavindya Tennekoon, Ms. Dilani alagaratnam, Mr. Dhananth Fernando, and the two co-coordinators, all serving voluntarily.  Monthly policy dialogues were carried out by the forum during Covid and after covering key topics in education.  The semi-formal arrangment is paused until further notice and the forum is now largely limited to playing an archival role through the web site.