Is this saving 'free education' or running errands for JVP?

Posted on June 29, 2007  /  1 Comments

Is this saving ‘free education’ or using a section of university students to run errands for JVP? 

Please note the timing. This is the first demonstration by IUSF for three years? Where was this IUSF for the last three years? Didn’t this threat to free education exist in the period between 2004-7? Why this sudden interest? Has it or has it not anything to do with the separation of JVP from the political alliance it formed with the ruling PA in 2004? 

It well known how JVP shamelessly used university students to achieve their political goals ever since 1971. (Remember somebody called Mahinda Wijesekera of Vidyodaya?) This has become possible thanks to the political immaturity of the university students of our times, including those who take political science as a subject. So the question is whether the educationalists/policy makers should ever treat such protests seriously or just ignore them because they are nothing more than attempts to gain some mileage for a badly bankrupt political party. 

Another interesting observation is there is one coffin also to represent ‘Open University’ which is a fee levying institute, and which had been at the receiving end of the JVP protests in 1980s. Clearly shows that how much the protesters understand about their objectives. 

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1 Comment

  1. The writer seems to be unaware of what has done by the IUSF in last three years. I’m a university student since January 2005 and since then I’ve attented to three massive protests led by the IUSF in Colombo. Two of them were in 2005 and one in 2006. I can’t remember the exact dates now. So you’ve written this without knowing any facts.

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