Raped Sri Lankan girl denied schooling: BBC

Posted on June 13, 2007  /  55 Comments

Education authorities in Sri Lanka have denied the right of a girl to education after she was raped, a rights watchdog said.

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) said the principal of a school in Galle has refused to allow the victim to resume her education in the school.

“The Principal has stated that the girl denied entry because she is now a disgrace and a bad example to the other students,” a statement issued by the watchdog said.

Nadin Ishan Chandika, a resident in Ahangama, is accused of raping the 15-year old girl on 29 December 2006, according to the AHRC.

Nadin and his friend, Nuwan “recorded her semi-clothed body on their mobile phones. When the girl refused to cooperate, they put a knife to her chin and threatened her,” the statement added.



A video-recording of the rape was rumoured to be circulating in the village.

After the incident was reported to the police and court proceedings began, Principal of Anula Devi Balika Vidyalaya had refused the girl to return to the school.

The victim, who is due to sit for the GCE O/L exams in December this year, is yet to be allowed to continue her studies despite repeated requests by her parents, according to the Rights watchdog.



  1. Wake up Sri Lanka it does not matter this girl was a or is a “Slut” or a “Victim” .If your want to realy help . I would say open your heart and help both.as both groups need help. She has every rite to continue her education. Public schools do not have any rite to refuse educational opportunity for whatever the reason may be.Let the justice system make the final decision.

  2. This is not a common situation in srilanka how ever people in this forum say generally srilankans are very sensitive to these things and will act as needed.But this fool of a principal is acting on his own shitty ideas! HE should be STONED!(not till death!)

  3. And this is rural village and normally elders are very uneducated! they must have thought she did this by her own consent!

    I come from a very religious Buddhist family. I used to live in Sri Lanka 20 years ago and those days all the monks used to be Buddhist. (Not parliamentarians and businessman) I feel very sorry for the plight of this young girl and her family. It’s a uneducated poverty driven country and I am astonished of the comments made by TASHA. Seems like she needs to get her brains checked by a doctor. No one should argue with TASHA as others will not understand who has a brain damage, if you do so. If she lived in a western country she would have got roasted alive. I am glad that I am not living in Sri Lanka any more. People need to be more educated of there rights and responsibilities in Sri Lanka.

    There is no law and order in this country. Terrorist like Karuna Amman has become a Minister and travelling in helicopters and war hero like Sarath Fonseka has been Jailed.

  5. >Tasha
    >June 13th, 2007 at 2:04 pm
    >Well while this is deemed statutory rape by law because the girl >was under 16, it was fully consensual. There is no evidence of >the girl ever having been threatened or coerced.


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