Annual batch-trip to Isurupaya?

Posted on July 5, 2007  /  9 Comments

The young men and women you see here all are undergraduates, but please do not be misled that they have made their annual batch trip venue Isurupaya this time. 

According to today’s Lankadeepa, which published this photo these people who underwent the Tharuna Aruna programme demands jobs from the education authorities. 

Wonder who gave them the funny idea that the role of the education ministry to provide jobs for otherwise unemployable graduates.  



  1. Why not JVP provide jobs to these girls at their leader Somawansa Amarasinghe’s sister’s brothel?

  2. Being a undergraduate I’d say that it’s not the duty of the gov to provide jobs to unemployed undergraduates. I think only in Sri Lanka people get free education and then fight against the same gov.. pretty funny huh.?

  3. First I was so surprised to see such an intelligent and genuine comment (see above) coming from a today’s undergraduate. Then I checked his site and find he is a Tamil. Not that I am trying to be a racist here (I am a Sinhalese) but to be frank, I think it is too much to expect this type of an intelligent remark from an average Sinhalese undergraduate of today. All are more or less brainwashed by political parties with petty interests within universities.

    I congratulate Mayooresan for the maturity he has shown. Mother Lanka needs lots of brainy kids like this.


    Why don’t you also publish the blog entry you have done on private universities here too for others to see? I am sure many others would like to read it.

  4. This is hilarious , Sri Lanka is the only country which gives Free education until the university level and forced to find jobs for them.Why can’t this graduates understand this situation? Its difficult to find jobs,yes,its hard to live without one,yes but if Gov give jobs to you others will have to bear the burden of your salaries.You got everything for free,in other countries students has to find jobs in-order to pay for their education,wake up people.

  5. Wasn’t Tharuna Aruna a brainchild of Ranil Wickremesinghe. Perhaps they should protest in front of Sirikotha. The government is not a job agency. The police should use ice water cannons on these people.

  6. Yes, it was Ranil Wickremasinghe who started ‘Tharuna Aruna’ but it was not a program to find jobs for graduates.

    It is a program to place graduates in private sector organisations so that they gain hands on job training. The graduates are given an allowance for a limited period through Tharuna Aruna, and it is up to the organisations to decide whether to keep them or not.

    I too am from a private sector company who used some of these graduates. What we found was either their quality or attitude was entirely different from what we anticipated. They have serious difficulties not just with English and Computer studies but even understanding simple instructions. They were never ready to accept their mistakes and learn. They were also not ready to take the instructions from supervisors. (some of them who do not have degrees) With that type of attitude we could not retain them, so we discontinued almost all of them as soon as the initial period was over. I think the other organisations did the same.

    I do not think Ranil Wickremasinghe has anything to do with the incompetence of these people. If they are not ready to adopt they simply cannot expect jobs from private sector.

  7. Interesting perspective LJ. Do you think the degree of politicisation in state universities has anything to do with their obnoxious attitude? What I don’t understand is their sense of entitlement. Why do they think we owe them everything?

    I admit I’m not very familiar with the state universities (although both my parents studied at one) and the only memory I have of the Peradeniya university is finding many used condoms under a tree. Aren’t their courses up to date with the demands of the labour market? This management student from the Nugegoda campus of either J’pura or Colombo university used to come to my gym, and she spoke perfect English and certainly looked very employable.

    I’ve heard that the problem is primarily with the Arts graduates from rural areas. Is that true?

  8. Hmmm… interesting article. First you mention they are undergraduates and in the end you mention they are unemployable graduates.

    Anyway, that’s not what I want to say. Now the government has promised them to give jobs so the protesters are successful.

    I also don’t think that the government has to provide jobs for the graduates. But every time the unemployable graduates protest against a government they give their demands. This has become a habit and this will happen in the future too.

    The only way to stop this kind of nonsense is to take a strict action by a government.

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