SC approves new guidelines on school admissions

Posted on July 31, 2007  /  1 Comments

Applications for grade one from Aug. 15; List to be finalised by November 15

  • 50 marks for child’s intelligence and aptitude
  • 40 marks for parental consideration
  • 10 marks for brother-sister category

The Supreme Court yesterday approved the much-looked forward to draft circular on the national policy for school admission and management of schools, and ordered that public schools call for applications for grade one admissions for next year from August 15.
The Bench comprising Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva, Justices Raja Fernando and Jagath Balapatabendi said the Presidential Secretary would monitor the implementation of the new circular in the capacity of Competent Authority.
The Court said schools should appoint their respective selection committees before August 31 and finalize the list of grade one admissions for next year by November 15.
According to the new criteria of selection for grade one admissions, the assessment of the child will earn 50 marks, parental consideration will receive 40 marks while the brother-sister category will receive 10 marks.
In the assessment process of the child, 25 marks will be given for the child’s intelligence and 25 marks for aptitude. Under the parental consideration, parents actively involved in the past pupils association will be entitled to 15 marks depending on the tenure and level of participation in the association. The educational qualifications of either parent will also add points with 8 marks allotted to those who have passed the GCE Ordinary level, 10 marks for the AL qualified, 12 marks for Diploma holders and 15 marks for Degree holders.
The occupation of parents will be another new criterion according to the new set of guidelines. Three marks will be given to children of primary level employees in the public or private sector, 5 marks for clerical or allied grades, 7 marks for tertiary level junior managers and the full ten points for senior managers or professionals.
Children of members of a local body will get 3 marks, while a provincial council member’s child will get 5 marks. The child of an MP will be entitled to 7 marks while a minister’s child will be allotted 10 marks.
Children whose parents are members of the armed forces will get 7 marks while those working in operational areas will get 10 marks.
A child whose brother or sister studies in the same school will get 10 marks.
The independent selection committee of each school will comprise two representatives from the school past pupils’ association, two from the school development society (not being teachers), the principal or his representative being a deputy principal or senior teacher, a representative of the zonal director of education and an eminent well-wisher of the school not being a person involved in politics.

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  1. I’m not sure how the Supreme Court can approve a bill as above. This is highly discriminative towards the student which should be the only criteria to assess the eligibility to a school. I can live with past pupils not getting a higher weightage since that just creates a clique/ class / exclusivity which should be done away with.

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