Grade one admissions: Still playing pandu

Posted on August 17, 2007  /  6 Comments

According to the dAily nEws today, the Government has formulated the Policy Framework related to Admission of Children to Grade One in Government and private schools for 2008. dAily nEws has learnt this from Education Minister Susil Premajayantha.Addressing the weekly Cabinet press briefing at the Government Information Department yesterday, the minister has reportedly said by Cabinet Memorandum No. 2007/ED/E/79, the Policy Frame had been prepared and approved by Cabinet. Applications will be called by advertisements in accordance with this Policy Frame, he had said.

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  1. could U please send me the next year Grade -I Application forms

  2. The government said yesterday they would publish the Grade 1 application forms in today’s state newspapers. I did not see the Sinhala/Tamil once, but they are not in Daily News. Nirosha (above) could be a parent eagerly searching for them and I can understand her anxiety. I am sure lots of parents like her doing web searches for these today.

    Why does the government want to makes the lives of its citizens so difficult? Aren’t our law makers and implementers not parents or they have lost their hearts in the process of becoming politicians/bureaucrats?

  3. Nirosha,

    Why don’t you call 1919 and ask?

  4. What happen for the grade one school admission for year 2008?. When is a clossing date?. Have they extended the date?. Application form is same which they have published on 17th August 2007? or new one?. Please let me know at earliest.

  5. My son S. Muthucumarasamy,

    What questions you ask!

    Even I do not have answers to them!

    God Almighty

  6. If it aint broke, don’t fix it. What a sordid mess we’ve got for screwing with the existing functional anarchy. Let’s all go back to the status pas and live happily ever after.

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