school admissions-who briefed the supreme court?

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Who in the world submitted this school admission criteria brief to the SC? Is it the same National Institute of Education which gave 5 points for an insane category called parents at educations institutes?

I am not an expert on the constitution or human rights, but how fair or constitutional is it to keep a 5-year old from attending a school in his/her neighborhood because the parent did not pass the GCE A/L or whatever?

Giving points for politicians? Why?

Giving points to those who are employed with higher marks for higher grades? Does that mean if you are not too highly educated and unemployed your child too shall remain less educated and unemployed?

Almost half the points for intelligence and aptitude of 5-year olds? Excuse me, we are talking about a child entering school for the first time, not leaving school after an education.

If there was no such confusion, does this requirement mean that these tots are going to be tested with some half-baked testing tool? Does that mean a rat race to coach them for this half-baked testing tool?

From where in the world did these prehistoric, reactionary, and unfair criteria come? Certainly not from India.

In the Ganguly report on school admissions that was submitted to the Indian high court on July 13th, 2007, the Ganguly committee reduced the weight given to parent’s education and other criteria that gave unfair advantages to the already advantaged.

Let us compare.

§ India increases points given for proximity from 20 to 30, Sri Lanka reduces it from a maximum of 47 to 0..

§ India never considered intelligence and aptitude in admissions, SL introduces a hefty 50..

§ India reduce parent education points from 20 to 10, SL introduces it and gives 15 max points

§ India does not look at a parents occupation, SL increases from 6 to 10 and relaxes the requirement for parents being transferees

SL_Old, SL_New, India_Old, India_new
Proximity 47 0 20 30
Intelligence and Aptitude 0 50 0 0
Parent education 0 15 20 10
Parent job 6 10 0 0
Past pupil 25 15 10 5
Sibling in school 15 10 20 15
Education Institute 5 0 0 0
Returned form abroad 2 0 0 0
Child Charateristics* 0 0 10 15
School specific 0 0 20 25
Maximum possible 100 100 100 100

*Girl child, 5; handicapped, 5; speical cast/tribe, 5


Times of india, July 13, 2007, Ganguly panel gives SC/ST points

Lankadeepa, July

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