Warnapala's theory: Governments cannot be toppled by students' political agitations

Posted on August 3, 2007  /  0 Comments

University Students should not think that they could topple the government by getting involved in political agitation. They should study well and contribute to the well being of the country. They must be equipped with knowledge needed to live in the technological world, said Minister of Higher Education, Professor W. A. Wiswa Warnapala at a ceremony held at Kegalle St. Joseph`s Girls College to award Mahapola Scholarships to 309 students. English is a must language to communicate with foreign countries. It had become an international language. Students in universities should study this language to gain wide knowledge and to uplift our economy without wasting time in political agitation, he said.

The minister said, our country required graduates of high educational and social standards. It would not be possible for them to prosper in life unless they were in possession of those good attributes. They should not fall a prey to deceiving politicians he said.

Athauda Seniviratne, Labour Minister and Kegalle District MP said university students should understand the difference between school education and that of universities. What they learnt at schools should be enhanced in both quality and quantity at these institutions. For our country to prosper socially and economically university students should concentrate more on studies than dabbling in polities, he said.
Source: The Island

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