Who takes the responsibility for ruining the future of this innocent girl?

Posted on August 20, 2007  /  3 Comments

We present this sad story from today’s Lankadeepa about a grade five student who had been prevented from writing the Grade five scholarship examination because her name does not appear in the list. 

Ajith Premalal, the Principal and the only teacher of Veragoda junior school, where she study has said he did not apply on behalf of this single eligible girl from his 14 student school, because he had not received the application forms from the Department of examinations. 

Over to you, Mr. Education Minister!


  1. ‘Me lamaya shishyathwa vibhagaya pass karanna puluwan lamayek novey’. – I bloody wonder why we have exams at all. If all principals were as capable as this principal, we could have eliminated all exams.

  2. Can somebody tell me where this school is? This is 2007 not 1948. Do we still have single teacher schools? Obviously one teacher cannot teach all grades and every subject. (even if that is a junior schools) Why not close such schools and let the students attend a nearby one? What is the use of sending a child to a school with a single teacher, that too not a very sensible one?

  3. Dear Tuk Tuk
    We have quite a number of single teacher schools. As a percentage it would be pretty low, but there are. Why not close down the schools, and send them to the nearest other school? Becuase the nearest school is (most of the time) 30km away.

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