Checking IQs of five year olds? Are we serious?

Posted on September 10, 2007  /  0 Comments

What is (rather, will be) the only examination in Sri Lanka where there is an EIGHTY PERCENT (80%) GUARANTEED FAILURE RATE? 

Answer: Grade One admissions in the year 2008. 

As the latest circular of the Education Ministry tells us, the number of five year olds the Ministry intends to call for the IQ test (call it whatever, it is ultimately an IQ test) will be FIVE TIMES the number of vacancies in a school. So 80% of the applicants are bound to fail, irrespective of the marks they score. (If each of the top 20% scores 20/20, even those who score 19/20, ie. 95% of the marks will fail. There is no exam in Sri Lanka, that fails those who score 95% of the marks) 

In other words 80% of our future generation will experience their first failure in education at the prime age of five years. 

Some of these kids will be facing up to six such tests and still will not be successful. 

Why do our education authorities want to subject to innocent five year olds to such mental agony? 

Does Mr. Education Secretary fully understand the prospective negative impact of the process he advocates? 

Or do we have to check somebody else’s IQ before we check that of the five year olds? 




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