Student makes history with 100% marks in Grade Five Scholarship exam

Posted on September 24, 2007  /  18 Comments

A Grade five student of Sri Lanka scored 200 marks out of 200 total for the first time in the history in highly competitive Grade Five Scholarship examination, said the Examination Commissioner Anura Edirisinghe.

The young brilliant student Chagi Basuru Weerakoon is from Horana Thakshila College in the Kalutara district. Two students who scored 196 each from Hanwella John Bosco and Galle Wathugedara schools gained second place. The third place went to a student from Divulapitiya Horagasmulla School.

All the students in top ranks this year are from schools in outstation areas, said the Examination Commissioner.

Meanwhile, Thirumaran Elawaran, a student of Theresa Ladies’ College from rebel held Kilinochchi scored the highest marks in Tamil medium. He scored 190 marks.

The Grade five scholarship examination was held on September 19 and the results will be released to schools tomorrow.

The cut off pass mark has also gone up to 150 this year. The government says the scholarship grants will be increased from next year. However, the examination is primarily used as a tool to enter to popular schools.


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  1. Congratulations Chagi Basuru, from someone who achieved the same feat in 1978.

    But you beat me because I scored only 196 out of 200!

  2. My best wishes to Chagi Basuru putha and all the other cleaver children who have passed Grade 5 scholarship with flying colours. I am glad that these are mainly from rural schools and not from Colombo super schools like Royal, Ananda, Nalanda, Vishanka, DSS etc. This child who scored highest marks in Tamil medium is also a school from Kilinochchi and not from Colombo or Jaffna.

    This proves three things.

    (a) Whatever said and done at least at the primary level the education opportunities have become equal. (Say 20-30 years ago, a child from a rural school beating those from Colombo schools was simply unthinkable.)

    (b) There is little reason for parents to struggle so hard to push their children to Colombo schools for primary education. Where ever they are, the cleaver children will shine.

    (c) There is not much use of sending children for private tuition at the primary level. All students who scored high marks said they did not attend private tuition classes.

  3. Congratulations!
    Show Sri Lankan colours!
    We are all proud of you!

  4. Congrats for bright futures!

  5. Is this the first time a student scored 100% marks in an examination in Sri Lanka?

    The year I sat for A/Ls (in early 1990s) they said a student scored 100% for Pure Maths. But his other results were not that good so his aggregate mark was low.

    Is the Grade 5 Scholarship exam is only MCQ? Otherwise it would be impossible for anyone to score full marks.

  6. what is the weebsite to check results … thanks

  7. what is the weebsite to check results … thanks

  8. what is the web address to see the results

  9. Please note the Grade 5 scholarship results can be obtained only from the web site of the Department of Examinations at

  10. Congrats putha and wish you a happy future :-]

  11. Congradulations to you. This proves that a clever child does not need extra preparation for samething which is basically a test of IQ. I hope you continue to succeed.

  12. Congratulations!!!

  13. Accept my heartiest congratulations on Chagi Basuru and all the other claver children who have passed the grade 5 scholarship with flying colours.Hope your future will be as bright as your present.

  14. what is the grade 5 scolarship cut out marks for kandy district

  15. pls show the result of maheshwaran


  17. what is the cut off marks of Puttalam District in tamil language

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