Education Discussion Series – #1

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The first discussion in the planned series on Education Reforms was held on October 4, 2007 at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute was.  It was quite a success judging by the energy and the enthusiasm demonstrated by the participants. I take this opportunity to thank the Inter University Student Federation for their presentation on “The Crisis in Education” and Viluthu for coming prepared for a presentation. A list of the all the participants including the names of those who sent their regrets are given at the end.

The almost unanimous opinion of the participants was that we should continue these discussions in a panel format bringing different view points. Nishanatha Kamaldadsa’s observation that we all bring our individual concerns to the discussion was a valuable analytical contribution to the discussion.

Taking into consideration the various ideas presented at the first discussion we propose a panel presentation on “The Crisis in Education in Sri Lanka – different Viewpoints” for the second discussion to be held on the 8th of November (or November 8, 2007) at 3:30 pm at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute. Please keep the date free and convey this message to others who can bring a unique viewpoint to the discussions. We are considering the video-taping of the discussions for further dissemination, if we can find a way to fund.

We plan to collect and reproduce analytical or historical documents relevant to an informed debate on education and distribute them for the cost of reproduction. Please send us any documents you may wish to share.

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Arunasiri, PHJ

Sri Lanka Foundation Institute




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