English and IT in Year 14 – an excellent idea

Posted on October 15, 2007  /  1 Comments

The private sector evaluates the applications made by job-seekers by checking whether they have the skills which will enable them to contribute to the organisations’ growth, image and profitability.

Two of the more desired accomplishments it looks for in candidates are a reasonably good knowledge of English and of IT. Those who are not proficient in these subjects are forced to find less congenial employment or even remain unemployed for long periods.

Of course, if they are graduates, they usually know how to organise noisy demonstrations which embarrass the government into giving them jobs created for the purpose, with no resultant increase in productivity or quality of service to the public, but those who fail to get into university are often left in limbo.

In these circumstances, it was heartening to read, on September 19, 2007, in a short news item hidden away in a less than prominent position in one of our national newspapers, that the Ministry of Higher Education plans to conduct Year 14 classes in English and IT, wherever possible, for those students who are waiting for their Advanced Level Examination results.

This is an excellent idea, which should have received more publicity, so as to encourage the Ministry of Education to implement it. As this has not happened, we call upon all parents whose children are in Years 12 or 13 collectively to address urgent petitions to the Ministry of Education requesting that this proposal be implemented speedily.

The really good feature of this proposal, if and when it is put into effect, is that it would benefit both those who eventually pass the Advanced Level Examination as well as those who fail to do so. The skills and employability of both groups will have increased.

Dr. A.C. Visvalingam


1 Comment

  1. It is high time that government should take some steps to give the future generation the required IT Skills and English Knowledge. Eventhough the Ministry of Education has planned to include IT as a main subject for A/L from 2009 onwards, I think graduates of IT will never join the teaching profession at a low salary. Therefore, The MOE should take Immediate steps to make some of the enthusiastic teachers who are presently at government teachers service as IT Graduates

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