Law College education in English medium from 2010

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Education in the Sri Lanka Law College would be conducted in English medium by 2010. This decision was taken following discussions with the Students Union of the Law College, said Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva (PC).The Chief Justice was speaking at the celebration to mark the first year anniversary of the Sri Lanka Law College Foundation.

He said there was a tremendous draw back in the legal education in English medium and this decision was taken to produce talented attorneys-at-law. The Chief Justice said students have been handicapped since their primary education. He said the Sri Lanka Law College education level was very high.

It is the only institution that conducts an LLM course in the country, the Chief Justice said. He said the Law College Auditorium was built in 1919 and the renovation cost would be around Rs. 30 million. “But the renovation to a certain extent like the ceiling, colour washing, carpeting and curtains were done by the Sri Lanka Law College Foundation”, he said.

Law College Principal W.D. Rodrego said the project initiated by the SLLCF created a conducive environment for both learning and teaching at the Sri Lanka Law College. Justice and Judicial Reforms Ministry Secretary Suhada Gamlath was also present.

By Sandasen Marasinghe

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