TULF shocked at the murder of Jaffna lecturer

Posted on October 15, 2007  /  1 Comments

The Tamil United Liberation Front Leader V. Anandasangaree yesterday questioned whether the Tamil community has lost its dignity completely, in a statement expressing his shock on the murder of the Senior Maths Lecturer of the Jaffna University Mr. Mahinan.
The veteran Tamil leader condemning the killing said that these types of barbaric acts are ruining the country’s culture and civilization. “The value of human life has become so cheap today that every Dick, Tom and Harry can do anything and go scot-free.”
The statement further said: “Finding the mutilated body of Mr. Mahinan a Senior lecturer in Mathematics attached the University of Jaffna, at the Bambalapitiya beach is shocking. He is neither wealthy for anyone to abduct him to extort money nor one with any Political affiliations for anyone to claim this as a politically motivated murder.
“Without getting involved in any controversy he had been involved fully in teaching his students mathematics and it is a mystery as to why he was murdered in this brutal manner. The disease of violence and terror had not spared even the innocent lecturer. This type of incidents cannot be tolerated any more in our country. Those involved in this cruel murder should be arrested and brought before the law of the land. “I hope at least his students will go all out to help the authorities to trace the murderer. This is a challenge the entire University of Jaffna should accept.
“These types of barbaric acts are ruining our culture and civilization. The elderly lecturer who came to Colombo to mark the scripts of the G.C.E A/L examinations was abducted and murdered when he was preparing to return to his duties at the University of Jaffna where he had been working during the most crucial period.
It is a pity that he had met his fate in this cruel manner. Every one of us will have to ask ourselves as to whether the Tamil community has lost its dignity completely.”

Source: http://www.dailymirror.lk/2007/10/15/news/07.asp 

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  1. Aanasangungary, you must ask these questions, your honorable raapakse gang, because you are hanging on in their tail. It is downsouth raapakse clan, the cronnies and the gang unleashed the Sinhala State terrorism on the minority Tamils.

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