Children beaten for requesting books

Posted on November 14, 2007  /  2 Comments

We reproduce the following story not purely for its news value, but it is a good starting point for a discussion on the differences in the aspirations of children and their parents on education. Things have changes dramatically from 1930s and 40s but do we still have to remind parents about the importance?


Two school girls aged 11 and 9, assaulted by their drunken father, were admitted to Karapitiya Hospital. The father had beaten and kicked the girls when they asked for money to buy exercise books. The mother of the injured girls Roshini Sandanam made a complaint to the Yakkalamulla Police, who promptly took the father Kathiresan Subramaniam into custody and produced him before the Baddegama Magistrate. He was remanded him till November 23.

Source: The Island


  1. The man’s Tamil. Surprise?

  2. So what if the man is Tamil? Are you suggesting that only Tamil fathers drink? And beat up their children?

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