How much time you study?

Posted on November 15, 2007  /  1 Comments

IT IS a common misperception that students are work-shy layabouts. According to figures collected in Europe, Portuguese students are the most academically assiduous, spending over 40 hours a week at lectures and in the library. And even English students in higher education, seemingly the least likely to flick through a recommended text, put in over 25 hours a week. Yet an element of doubt remains. The estimates of working hours were supplied by students themselves, who may have considered time spent in the college bar as indistinguishable from any other period of study.


1 Comment

  1. Take a break from all the studying, watch some cricket instead!
    Sri Lankan Cricket unleashed

    No joke it is seriously considered to be true amongst medical professionals worldwide that some form of recreational ‘release’ like sport and a non violent sport like cricket can help boost your brain’s absorption power and as a result will help retain more relevant information for a longer periods of time.

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