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We received this ad from two leading theater personalities in Colombo. We are posting it here partly because of the insights it gives about our education system. Do our A/L kids really learn all this cool stuff? Can schools indeed outsource theater teaching to private professionals? Imagine the difference between book learning and learning from professionals. If anybody is looking for a gift that lasts, consider sponsoring a talented youngster from a poor government school in our midst in Colombo for Rs: 2500 a month. The Forum can get you a list and coordinate.
For Local Advanced Level Examination in 2009.

Tutors: Tracy Holsinger and Hiran Abeysekera
Syllabus includes:
Theatre History

Sinhala Theatre

Tamil Theatre

English theatre in Sri Lanka

Greek Theatre

British Theatre

American theatre

Indian Theatre

Japanese Theatre

Western and Non-Western dramaturgy





Post Modernism and more

Theory and Practicals of


Stage Design

Lighting Design

Sound Design

Costume Design

Play Production

Dramatic genres

Performance Texts

Venue: The Wendy Whatmore Academy

5, 13th Lane, Colombo 3.

Day: Tuesday

Time: 4 – 6pm

Fee: Rs.2500 per month

Class Commencement date: February 2008

Registration Conditions: these classes are conducted by two freelance professionals who are not attached to any govt or private secondary schools. therefore, if you wish to join these classes, you will have to obtain permission from your school principal before registering with us. assessment and assignments will be carried out on behalf of your school, in accordance with government regulations.

once you have obtained permission, contact us on 0777 722 724 or email tracytrips@gmail.com with your details.

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