Discussions on a New Education Act

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The Education forum has conducted 3 study sessions so far with a good cross section of persons representing Associations of teachers, principals, and past pupils and  educationists and well wishers. Compilation of past legislations, circulars and Policy papers are now complete. Paper copies of these can be obtained for the cost of photocopying from Ms. Inoka Udayanganie at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute. Compilation of proposals from various groups into one document is in progress.

Following is a summary of discussions so far.


January 24

RMB Senanayake (Economist); Tissa amarakoon, WA Upali Alwis, Y. Madavan (North Colombo Community Organization);  and Gamini Jayakody ((School Development Committee, Kotahena),); HM Dayananda (Principal, Kotahena Kanishta Vidyalaya); K Shanmugalingam (Viluthu); Nishantha Kamaldasa (Distance Education Center, SLIDA); Amal Siriwardena, Sujata gamage

January 31

RMB Senanayake, AMRB Amarakoon, Savimon Urugodawatte; Luxman Siriwardean, Sudath Ransinghe and Joseph Stalin; Sterling Perera, Amal Siriwardena, Sujata Gamage

February 07

Gamini Jayakody (School Development Committee, Kotahena), Nisha Arunatilake (Economist); Amal Siriwardena, Sujata Gamage

Decisions to Date

§  Prepare a preamble

§  Compile all past Legislation, Circulars and Policy Papers and make those available to all interested parties

§  Compile also the proposals from the members of the Forum

o   Mr. Gamini Jayakody  will prepare recommendations from a school development committee perspective

o   Mr. Daya\nanda will send the viewpoints of the Association of Princiapls  that he represents

o   Mr. Joseph Stalin will forward the recommendations from the Lanka Guru Sangamaya

o   Madhya Viyalleya AAdi Shisya Samagamaya and Viluthu  have already sent their proposals

o   English education should begin from Grade I (Gamini Jayakody)

o   If for some reason a private school were to close there should be safeguards for the parents and students (Nisha Arunatilaka)

o   Ms. Inoka will compile all the materials and idea

§  Prepare a draft set of proposals that may be submitted as a consensus document from the Forum

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