Why minister education should consider decentralizing all school education functions

Posted on March 16, 2010  /  1 Comments

According to a New York Times report  the Secretary of Education in USA Arne activating the human rights division in department in an effort to  force the fifty to states in the union to enforce federal laws that protect poor, minority and disabled students. That means that states and localities that have historically shortchanged these children — by saddling them, say, with watered-down curriculums and unqualified teachers — will be required to do better or risk losing federal education dollars.

Such is the way that the central government in USA tries influence the education process es that ar devolved right down to local government level. In Sri Lanka too, If education is truly devolved to the provinces as is mandated in the 13th amendment, our minister of education in the national government can be the regulator instead of  the bumbling fool who can not deliver the text books on time or get  term tests done properly.

What is stopping our national government from doing the seemingly sensible thing?

1 Comment

  1. No one can stop this thing. Only individual ones…

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