Bashing private universities is unjustified

Posted on August 7, 2012  /  5 Comments

The LIRNEasia survey of degree programs offered outside of the public- university system revealed vibrant sector producing  8293 degrees or degree equivalents in  2011/12. The 13 Public universities produced 12,604 graduates in contrast.

Of the institutions outside of the public universities, Private universities produced 2,733 graduates.  and 10 public institutions outside of the purview of the UGC produced 4,229 graduates.  Notably 73% of the computer science/IT graduates were produced by the private universities.

In the degree-equivalent professional qualifications, 770 completed CIMA and  179 completed CIM and  220 received British Computer Society qualifications. Sri Lanka Institute of Architects reported 22 completions   and Institute of Chemistry  CIMA produced 70 graduateships for a total of at least 1261 professional qualifications.  Work professional qualifications is ongoing.

What is the quality of these programs? At this point the best indicators we have are (a) their track record in producing graduates and (b) authenticity of the foreign universities that they are affiliated with.

In terms of track record 27 out of the 46 produced  one or more gradates in 2010/11, 17 reported enrollments ans 2 are new programs.

The affiliated foreign universities too were found to be authentic. for example, All but 5 out of the 65 foreign universities were listed in the International Association of Universities and the Commonwealth Association of Universities. The other five were found to be duly registered in the countries of origin. The extent of the affiliation may differ among the institutions. Some like Staffordshire University impose stringent quality requirements on their locla partners but the University London degrees are offered as external degrees with very little quality control as to the process of education. More work is needed to make these distinctions. For a listing of all 256 degree programs available outside of public university system see the Sri Lanka Education forum Web site.


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  3. Well there’s been a misconception that there will be an unbalance might rise among the students and that’s my the private institutes are being bashed.

  4. Achila Liyanarachchi

    There are so many companies in SL offers to study in abroad universities. My personal openion whether we started private universities in SL or not, people who are wealthy will definitely give education to childrens. As an example, Sino Lanka Education ( is one of the leading company who send students to China Medical Universities. Few of my friends, went to China through them. According to their website, they send nearly 50 students per intake to China University. Thats means nearly 100 per year.
    This means many students go abroad universites for their higher studies. We can reduce this amount by starting private universities in SL.

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