Improving global rankings – Cogitaro (Video)

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Mr. Niresh Eliatamby of Cogitaro provided a description of the global university rankings system and its important role in the reputation of universities and countries, including the opportunities for universities to generate their own revenue rather than depend on state funding. Emphasis was placed on the dramatic rise of Asian universities into the top 100 of global rankings over the last decade, with the advancement of each university displayed.

Dr. Ruwan Dias of Cogitaro, speaking from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he is based, provided a case study of the manner in which the University of Malaya, which is similar in size to the University of Peradeniya, improved its global rankings over the last several years to become consistently ranked in the global top 100. He included a detailed description of the various criteria that are utilized by ranking systems and the weightage of each criterion in determining the final ranking. His presentation included a synopsis of the current rankings of Sri Lankan universities and insights into how Sri Lankan universities could rapidly advance up the global rankings.

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